Taking its name from the Latin word for diamond, ‘Adamas’ is a step in a new and exciting direction for Swarm Design England.
Whilst previous collections have taken inspiration from insects, antiques and a monochrome colour pallet, the new collection utilises colour to the maximum and focuses on imagery with a unique twist.

Rather than conventional botanicals, ‘Adamas’ is the bizarre combination of a tropical floral scene and crystalline forms. Inspiration came from mineral growths and formations of rare and precious crystals as well as exotic flora, the result being designs featuring a majestic diamond jungle, grown from vibrant crystal forms.

All of the artwork for the Adamas Collection was intricately drawn by hand. As these wonderful crystal flowers do not truly exist outside of the world of fantasy, careful observations of exotic flowers such as Passion Flower and Torch Ginger were made as well as mineral and crystal formations and were then combined in the imagination of Creative Director Adam before being drawn out on paper. The detailed line-work was then digitally combined with colourful inky washes and textures to create the look of flowers grown from crystal.

As well as the unconventional imagery, ‘Adamas’ has a heavy focus on current colour trends and is split into four distinctive colourways: Aurora, Selva, Midnight and Pyrite.
Launched at Home 2015, the Adamas Collection is but a starting point for a whole new direction in interior textile design by Swarm Design England.